Wildlife Circuit Bungalows Reservation eService
Welcome to the Wildlife Circuit Bungalows Reservation eService offered by the Department of Wildlife Conservation.
Make Reservation Online
Department of Wildlife has several Wildlife Bungalows on the wildlife sanctuaries and parks under their management. These facilities are available for the public to be reserved and used.

The facilities can be reserved for current and the next month.

There is a maximum occupancy number for each facility and it cannot be exceeded when occupying the reserved facility. Only three consecutive days can be booked for a person and foreign parties will have higher rates than that of the domestic occupants.

Payments can be made using the electronic card facility.
Check Reservation Status
This is the facility where a person who has made a reservation can check on the reservation he/she have made in the eService. This gives the user the facility to download the relevant documents that need to be submitted at the facility and confirm the reservation detail.

The user can get the confirmation SMS by sending the following text to 1919. DWC RES {NIC Number} {Reservation Reference Number}
Powered by Department of Wildlife Conservation
Welcome to the Online Reservation of Wildlife Circuit Bungalows of Department of Wildlife Conservation Sri Lanka (DWC).
This service facilitates the reservation of Wildlife Circuit Bungalows and provides the facility to check the status of the reservation your previous reservations. Please read below instructions before proceeding to the service.
Online Reservation Procedure
You have to go through the following steps to complete a reservation.
  1. Check Availability
    • Allows you to check the availability of a preferred bungalow.
    • Parallel bookings are indicated in yellow and you can re-try in 10 minutes to make reservations for these days provided the previous attempts were not completed.
    • You should complete the reservation within 5 minutes from selecting the bungalow and the reservation dates.
    • Only a maximum of 3 consecutive dates are allowed for one reservation.
  2. Make Reservation
    • If you have made reservations for wildlife bungalows previously then you can retrieve your personal information by entering the NIC number and clicking on the ‘Lookup’ button.
    • Changes to the already available information can be made if necessary
    • You will not be allowed to complete the reservation if there are previous reservations available on the same dates with the same NIC number
    • Mobile number and the email address provided will be used for notifications regarding the reservations
    • Please enter a number for Local Children (2-6 yrs.) only if it exceeds 2. Two children below the age of 6 years would be allowed to take in free with the group and need not to be added to the count.
  3. Payment
    • The charges are calculated for the minimum occupation defined for the selected facility and the additional occupation would be added into the minimum charge based on per head cost.
    • You have to complete the payment within 10 minutes after proceeding to the payment or the reservation will be canceled
    • You can make the online payment with Visa/Master cards or eZcash
    • A convenience fee will be charged for online payment
  4. Complete Reservation
    • If your payment and the reservation are successful, system will displays a success message with the details of your reservation on screen
    • Please save the reservation reference number provide in the permit, email and sms for future reference
    • An email and a sms will be sent to you confirming the reservation
    • Please make sure you take printouts of the permit and the receipt. It’s mandatory that you take a printout of the permit to enter the park.
    • For the purpose of VAT reimbursements, please use the first printout of the receipt denoted the "Original" and get it certified by the park warden at the point of entry to the park.
Check Status of Reservations
You can use this service to check the status of your reservations and to print copies of the permit and receipt. Use the 'Reservation Reference Number' and the ‘NIC/Passport/Driving License Number’ used for the reservation to retrieve information.
For additional information please read instructions in the relevant screens and contact 1919 for any queries.